PHP开发工具 JetBrains PhpStorm 2019.1.2

JetBrains PhpStorm是一个简单方便的PHP编辑器,可以最大限度地提高工作效率。编辑了解代码,提供实用建议,快速导航和“即时”跟踪错误。IDE随时准备帮助您创建代码,运行单元测试并提供可视化调试。PhpStorm支持PHP,CSS,HTML,XML,YAML,javascript – 开发其网站所需的一切。

图形化调试器PHP-JetBrains PhpStorm实现了条件断点,跟踪值,自动输入以调试某些过程。测试应用程序提供了一个PhpUnit环境和一个用于运行测试的图形用户界面。

JetBrains PhpStorm – 程序是一个支持PHP,HTML,JavaScript和CSS的Web开发环境。PhpStorm具有自动完成功能PHP命令和快速导航代码项目,通过FTP协议实现和同步。



  • Avtozavreshenie PHP代码。
  • PHP重构
  • Smarty支持和PHPDoc
  • 快速导览
  • 在单个文档中支持多种语言(JS / SQL / XML等)


  • 简易安装。
  • 快餐。
  • 它可以在Windows,Mac OS X,Linux上运行。
  • 轻松配置项目 – 从任何地方打开代码并开始工作。


  • 基于DOM /浏览器的代码完成。
  • 代码导航和搜索习惯。
  • Javascript重构。
  • JavaScript调试器。


  • 测试可视显示单元。
  • 支持SVN,CVS,Git,Perforce。视觉组合。
  • 支持FTP和远程文件同步。
  • 当地历史的变化。


  • •基于DOM的完整代码。
  • •验证和快速修复。
  • •Zen Coding。
  • •显示应用的样式。
  • •消除内置样式。


  • 使用集成的图形调试器逐步调试和评估。
  • PHP,JS,HTML中的断点。
  • 监控监控变量。
  • 批量代码分析。

What’s new in PhpStorm 2019.1

Debug Twig and Blade Templates

If you work with templates, debugging instantly becomes tricky: your only option is to locate the PHP file compiled from the template, and debug this file instead. With PhpStorm 2019.1 and Xdebug, you can now do step-debugging in the original uncompiled .twig and .blade.php files of these two popular template engines. All debugging benefits are available here: see the execution context and variables, add watches, run step-by-step, and all others!

Locate Dead Code

With the new Unused Declaration inspection, you can now deal with legacy codebase and remove dead code. When you work in the editor, PhpStorm will highlight classes, class members, and functions that are probably never used. The Unused Declaration inspection takes into account dynamic usages, for example done via magic methods, too. You can run the inspection in batch mode and see the all the dead code pieces of the whole project or any of its parts.

New and Improved Refactorings

As always, PhpStorm comes with some new refactorings, intentions & quick-fixes to make your daily coding routines just a bit easier. With the new Move to Class refactoring, you can move functions or constants from a PHP file to a Class. PhpStorm will find and modify all their usages, too. We have also added a few useful intentions for quick string manipulations. And there are even more!

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