NoSQL Manager for MongoDB Professional v5.0.0.6

用于MongoDB GUI工具的NoSQL Manager

MongoDB Icon的NoSQL Manager 我们的MongoDB GUI工具结合了友好的UI和Shell功能。
桌面应用程序的直观界面和高性能,以及对所有MongoDB,MongoDB Enterprise,Azure Cosmos DB上的MongoDB和Amazon DocumentDB最新功能的支持,为初学者和专业数据库开发人员和管理员节省了时间。


  • 完全支持从2.2到4.0的MongoDB和MongoDB Enterprise版本
  • 与Amazon DocumentDB完全兼容
  • 在Azure Cosmos DB上支持MongoDB
  • 通过MongoDB Enterprise认证。支持Kerberos,LDAP和MONGODB-X509身份验证
  • 功能齐全的MongoDB GUI Shell,带有代码自动完成,语法高亮和提示
  • 支持副本集,独立主机和分片集群连接
  • 易于使用的文档查看器和编辑器,具有Tree,Table和JSON视图模式
  • 简单查看和管理所有MongoDB对象:数据库,集合,视图,索引,用户,角色和功能
  • 用于MongoDB连接的SSH隧道
  • 从MySQL和SQL Server数据库导入表
  • 在MongoDB数据库和服务器之间复制集合
  • 将文档导出为CSV,XML,JSON和XLSX文件格式
  • 从JSON和CSV文件导入文档
  • LINQ查询工具

Full functional intelligent GUI Shell
You can use all commands of MongoDB Shell in our tool as easy as it can be! You can edit results of the db.collection.find() commands. Autocompletion allows to autocomplete the collection names and methods in MongoDB and Shell commands. As text is typed into the Shell, the context of the cursor within the command provides an indication of whether the user needs a collection completion or a method completion. The collection completion provides a list of collection available in the current database. You can use Tree, Table or JSON mode to view the commands results.

Easy-to-use document viewer
Easy document navigation, view and editing, limits to maximize performance, GUI editors for all MongoDB data types. Ability to filter and order documents. Tree, Table or JSON document representation.

Simple view and management of all MongoDB objects
Create and drop databases, manage collections and their indices, manage users, roles and functions, store and retrieve files using GridFS. Copy databases, duplicate collections and indices.

SSH tunneling for MongoDB connections
The SSH Options of the Registration Server dialog allows you to enable SSH tunneling for Mongo connections and to set all the necessary SSH tunneling parameters. The SSH tunneling feature ensures secure connection to Mongo servers when works over insecure connection channels. You can also use SSH tunnel to get access to remote Mongo servers that accept local connections only. You can specify own SSH tunnel for each replica set member.

Map-Reduce operations editor
Ability to set all parameters of map-reduce aggregation operation using GUI. Syntax highlighting for your Javascript functions. Saving all map-reduce parameters set on current editor session in a XML file to load in future sessions. Map-reduce result and command log viewer.

File Manager tool to work with GridFS
Easy GridFS navigation, adding and removing files, GridFS buckets managing. Adding separate files or files from a directory by a mask.
Stored files can be saved easily to a disk or opened in Explorer.

UI for mongodump, mongorestore and mongotop utilities
Perform backup and restore operations easily using native mongodump.exe and mongorestore.exe utilities with comfortable UI. Please note: Mongo utilities aren’t included into the tool installation package, you can download them free from MongoDB official site.

Multiple Mongo host/database connections
Register, specify individual connection settings for each MongoDB host or replica set and use as many hosts as you need. You can work with all databases of a host or specify databases you have privileges to work with.

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