最好用的数学公式编辑器 MathType 7.3.1 (379) for Mac 破解版


MathType与常见的文字处理软件和演示程序配合使用,能够在各种文档中加入复杂的数学公式和符号。与常见文字处理工具紧密结合,支持 OLE (对象的链接与嵌入),可以在任何支持 OLE 的文字处理系统中调用,帮助用户快速建立专业化的数学技术文档。

Productivity is key

When you’re ready to sit down and write a scientific or technical document, a test, a slide show, or wherever include mathematical notation, have the power to MathType. MathType open on your computer or device and have everything at your fingertips to do your job quickly, easily and efficiently.

With MathType can: point and click, handwrite, use keyboard shortcuts, insert numbers equations, using color, choose fonts, spacing control …

Set up your work environment the way that works best for you:

– Save frequently used equations and customizable toolbars symbols
– Set preferences MathType to quickly change a “look” to another for different types of documents
– Set keyboard shortcuts Personal
– Copy or convert to LaTeX
– Much more!

Professional quality typesetting mathematical

MathType is a great update predetermined mathematical tools integrated into many applications.

Accessibility [MT]

can now have quality everywhere. Choose the classic look MathType or LaTeX appearance. Check spaces in their expressions to the pixel. Mathematical notation is rich and changes between different cultures; MathType allows mathematical notation for different educational levels and cultures. Accessibility is essential for any quality solution. MathType helps readers to access scientific content and helps authors create accessible scientific content.

MathType Platforms for Learning

Students can write equations by hand on a tablet or mobile device and MathType will recognize them immediately and transform them into perfectly formatted equations. Students and teachers can now easily interact in forum discussions LMS (such as Canvas, Moodle or Schoology, for example), without the distraction of writing code or using mathematical tools clumsy.

Chemistry for all

ChemType is a taste of MathType designed to help you work with the chemical notation. You will find a specific toolbar with common chemical symbols and a user experience tailored to the authors of chemistry.




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